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Based on a study focusing on love for cars, males prefer to drive with one hands around the controls, taking much more of a relaxed method of driving.


Women, meanwhile, choose to drive with on the job the wheel, not tense and surely less relaxed like a male driver, since they're conscious that they’re in charge of the separate object.


Possibly which goes a way to explaining why males show indications of affection for their vehicle, signs which many people usually, and possibly more naturally, show towards family, buddies or pets.


Among the study’s authors, Iain MacRury in the College of East London, stated: ‘Men discuss their cars as though speaking about themselves,’ while ‘women tend to be more comfortable indicating their feelings directly and find out the vehicle separate. Habits women give cars names.’


Speaking of ladies, would it actually be lower for them that males love cars a lot?


Well, based on System board, a web-based magazine released by Vice in '09, men’s passion for cars is ‘at least partly rooted in the necessity to impress chicks’.


Similarly, Men’s Health think that the necessity to attract another sex is among the explanations why males love cars a lot, along with a study by vehicle shopping site states that males appear to ‘squander their cash on models… for boasting privileges and also to help attract women’.


And let’s be truthful, cars do impress the women - don’t they? Well, possibly that’s an issue for an additional day.