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Best Selling Car 2015

1 - Ford Fiest

The Ford Fiesta has been topping the UK sales charts for a long time now - and it's easy t see why. Whether you go for the entry-level model or the hot Fiesta ST model, it's great fun to drive. It's good value too, and is a practical and handsome car that will appeal to all sorts of buyers.

2 - Vauxhall Corsa

best selling corsa

There are plenty of options for Vauxhall Corsa purchasers. You can buy three or five-door bodystyles, eight engines and nine trim levels. However the reason purchasers continue to be coming to Vauxhall's Corsa is because it's all too easy to drive, so cheap to operate and some times cheap to insure.

3 - Ford Fiesta

ford focus
ford focus

Again comes Ford, now with the Focus, It is a fun to handle, practical body style, efficient engines and modified looks, the completely new Ford Focus has become a strong seller inside the UK. It's been a higher model for Ford for quite some time as well as the new edition looks set to keep that trend.

4 - Volkswagen Golf

Volkswagen Golf
Volkswagen Golf

The Volkswagen Golf needs no introduction, really - it has been around because so many many the most recent version is the greatest yet. We have an upmarket cabin and it is comfortable on lengthy journeys, having a large range of gas and diesel engines to select from. Additionally, it has probably the most recognisable vehicle names within the United kingdom, which can't hurt sales. What could, however, may be the pollutants scandal surrounding Volkswagen.